Visit to Natural History Museum – Estacao Natureza Pantanal

For three weeks in April,  every student at CAIJ had the exciting opportunity to visit (some more than once) the local natural history museum, Estação Natureza Pantanal in downtown Corumbá.  I made the trip five times to accompany different groups of students and came away more knowledgeable and appreciative of what this region has to offer.  We learned about the Pantanal’s flora and fauna, the history of the Pantanal region, its main sources of water and how its conservation of water, plants and wildlife are integral to this region’s future. Of course the wildlife was a big hit with everyone, especially the birds which to my surprise students were able to identify and name with ease. And why not, sighting of these beautiful creatures can be a daily occurrence.   This is definitely worth a visit if you are ever in Corumbá or visiting the Pantanal.   I look forward with excitement to my trip into this wetland in the next couple of months…more to come on this blog.