Memories of CAIJ XMAS

My first experience of a youthful Corumbaense celebration in Brazil.

Photo memories of 2012 CAIJ Xmas.

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Festa, Festa and more Festa – it must be the month of June.


CRIPAM (Casa de Recuperacao Infantil Padre Antonio Muller)

CRIPAMIn English, CRIPAM translates to the Father Anthony Muller Recovery House for Children

CRIPAM is a centre for the recovery of children suffering from malnutrition.  Opened in 1966 and led by Salesian priest, Father Forin Pascale, CRIPAM is able to accomodate 30 children daily aged 0 – 6 years, Monday to Friday from 7am – 5pm.  Every morning the children are collected by minibus from their homes and taken to the CRIPAM centre to be cared for, fed, clothed, receive medical treatment and in the evening returned to their families.  Children average a stay of a few weeks to a few months until fully recovered.  The cost of recovery per child is €1 per day.

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CAIJ Cripam- Where I work in Corumba

Centro de Apoio Infanto JuvenilChildren and Young People Support Centre

Centro de Apoio Infanto Juvenil
Children and Young People Support Centre

Click on the link below to find out more about the Don Bosco project I work at in Corumba.  Its in Portuguese and over the next few posts I will translate as best I can.  CAIJ Cripam


Bem-Vindo ao Brasil



That’s welcome in Portuguese.  Welcome everyone to my blog about being on mission with the Salesians of Don Bosco in beautiful Brazil.  Why some of you may ask?  I am simply following an ever-since-I-have-known-myself God-desire to work with children and young people, particularly in Brazil.  A teacher (professora) at CAIJ  in Corumba where I work, asked me “why Brazil?”  She hugged me when I told her that Brazil has always been on my heart.  I hope you join me for the journey.  Bom viagem.