An outing with the “criancas” of Marisa Pagge home, Corumbá

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The Way

DSCF4258I glorify the Lord this day as I travel from Corumbá to Campo Grande – the awe-inspiring scenery – blue skies, mountains, rivers, foliage, flora and fauna.  My heart takes a leap at the signs of Gods’ wonders.  I  am reminded that “His love endures forever”, and how everything “praises the Lord forever.”  DSCF4260


I thank god for the gift of awe and wonder.  It is a marvelous thing under heaven.  The red earth, a result of millions of years of creation in God’s hands, what splendour…and yet he is not finished with our gentle earth to whom he has given us stewardship over.


DSCF4273We too are like potters, with the earth in our hands.  We too are chosen to create a world for those who will come after us.


DSCF4059We are His – His children, chosen, friends, beloved.